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Progressive Pain Management

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Our focus is interventional and chronic pain management. Led by Dr. Brian Bannister you can be assure we have a multimodal approach to controlling and limiting your pain.

Pain Treatment Specialist In New Jersey

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Steroid Injections

Injections of steroids can help with some of the pain that patients experience in their joints and muscles. They work by stopping inflammation and promoting healing, as well as reducing pain. Patients will typically receive injections every week or two for a few weeks.

Facet Branch Block

When a branch of the vertebrae blocks the flow of a nerve, it is referred to as an "FBB." When this blockage occurs, there can be severe pain in the face or arm. When a FBB happens, it is important for the patient to not move their neck or flex their arm for a period of time. This will allow the clot to break up and blood flow in the area will resume.

Nerve Root Block

A Nerve Root Block is an outpatient procedure that blocks the nerve roots in the spine or arm. This helps maintain nerve function and relieve pain in patients with such conditions as cancer, radiculopathy, and ankylosing spondylitis.

Lumbar Decompression

Lumbar decompression is a surgical procedure that involves cutting the ligaments around the spinal cord to facilitate its movement. This can help alleviate pain when it's caused by pressure on the spinal cord, but it also requires anesthesia and recovery time.

Joint Injections

Joint injections are used to temporarily relieve pain and inflammation in the joints. They can be given into a joint, such as the knee, but also into larger joints in the body if needed for more relief. Joint injections work by providing relief through a numbing effect combined with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is a procedure that helps relieve pain. It uses a low voltage electrical current to stimulate nerve endings in the spinal cord. The procedure is often used to treat chronic pain that is not responding to other treatments.

Bursa Injections

Bursa injections help stop pain once it starts. They are injected into the bursa, a fluid-filled sac near the bone that exists to protect the joint and is located in front of the knee. This injection helps with inflammation and also relieves pain from arthritis.


A discogram is a medical procedure often used to rule out nerve compression in the lower back. This procedure involves inserting a needle into the patient's back and injecting dye that will show up on an X-ray. The dye travels down the nerve to determine where it is compressed.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections can be used to reduce pain in a specific area. These injections are an easy way to target the area that needs stimulating. They are also good for people with limited mobility because it allows them to enjoy a greater range of motion.

Stem Cell Injection

The stem cell injection has allowed patients to recover from severe chronic pain. It is the only stem cell product approved with a Schedule IV classification. This means that it has a low risk of addiction and abuse.


Radiofrequency is a form of energy that uses electromagnetic waves. It can be used for different purposes, including achieving pain relief. In particular, it can ease joint pain, muscle spasms and even some types of cancerous tumors.

Celiac Plexus Blocks

Celiac Plexus Block is a technique that doctors use to reduce the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. It helps to release the nerves in the arm and hand. This block allows pain-free movement of the fingers, which can be beneficial in preventing tingling or numbness.

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