Celiac Plexus Blocks In New Jersey

Celiac plexus blocks are a type of nerve block that blocks pain from reaching the brain and spinal cord. They are often used during surgeries to reduce or even eliminate pain during this period. This allows patients to feel less pain and have quicker recovery times. They are also used as a treatment for chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain. If you’re in need of celiac plexus blocks in New Jersey, then book your appointment today.

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Celiac Plexus Blocks In New Jersey

Celiac plexus blocks are a type of neurolytic block that hits nerves in the celiac plexus, which is near the base of the neck just below the clavicle. These nerves run to many important parts of the body including the head, abdomen, and upper arms. 

Celiac plexus blocks can be helpful when there is pain coming from these areas because they interrupt some sensory signals traveling to pain centers in the brain. They also serve as anti-spasmodic agents. If you’re looking for steroid injections in New Jersey, then schedule your appointment with Progressive Pain Management.

Celiac Plexus Blocks are used to reduce pain in the lower back, legs, and abdomen. The blocks work by stimulating nerve endings close to the spinal cord that help remove the sensation of pain. The blocks also increase blood flow, which helps reduce inflammation and soothe tissues.

They are commonly used to treat chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, migraine, and fibromyalgia. The block is performed on a specific nerve in the neck that is responsible for transmitting pain signals from the neck to the brain. These blockages can relieve some of the symptoms associated with these painful conditions.

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