Discograms In New Jersey

Discograms are a pain management procedure that involves inserting a small needle into the middle of your back too allow for the visualization of discs and nerves in that area. The procedure is performed in order to locate any potential sources of pain, however it’s usually used to diagnose lower back or neck pain. If you’re in need of discograms in New Jersey, then book your appointment today.

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Discograms In New Jersey

Studies have shown that people who had discograms experienced significant reductions in pain and functional impairment, compared to those who did not have discograms. Additionally, people who had multiple discograms were more likely to experience improvement than those who had just one discogram. If you’re looking for discograms in New Jersey, then schedule your appointment with Dr Brian Bannister.

A discogram is a test that uses a needle to remove fluid from around the spinal cord, which provides an image of the spinal cord and its surrounding region. This can aid in diagnosing injuries and diseases of the spine, like tumor, infection, or arthritis.

Discograms are a painless, non-invasive procedure that can detect underlying problems in your lower back. It is recommended by doctors to be done every three years or before significant changes occur in your back. These procedures can find herniated discs, bulging discs, fractures and osteoporosis. The benefit of this test is that it provides more information than a doctor’s exam alone and could prevent unnecessary surgeries.

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